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Massa Man: August Weege was born in Lemgo with the solar eclipse in 1999. His mother as a reggae fan as well as his father as a rock ‘n’ roller shaped his enthusiasm for music at an early age….

His passion for reggae was awakened when, at the age of four, he and his family spent weeks listening to the sounds of Bob Marley on a trip through the French Alps.

As soon as August could hold the guitar, he started playing it. Piano, bass and drums quickly joined in.

Influenced by the musical currents of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Protoje, and Chronixx, he began composing musical pieces of all kinds on his way to becoming a music major.

Eventually, he specialized in his original passion – reggae; however, this was not as a Rastafarian, but for the pleasure of instrumentalizing reggae.

The first recording attempts quickly led to his own home studio, which he set up together with his friend, the musician Jannis Gronemeier(SubTrouble).

Massa Man combines reggae, hip hop, dub and dancehall.

Starting with the beat up to the completed song with vocal melody, all music pieces are composed by August Weege himself. Most of his songs have a very organic sound due to real analog instruments, like e.g. electric guitar or bass, whereby many root sounds and modern drum styles meet. You can also call August Weege a modern roots artist.

Some of his lyrics, such as “Double Mask Man”, deal with socially critical, extremely current topics.

Here, bass tones have a particularly high value for him. The fascination for the bass developed from the soundsystem culture.

Meanwhile Augsut Weege produces music in collaboration with international artists.